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Obtaining AAMFT Membership in New York City

Approved AAMFT Supervisor in New York City

In February 2002, I became an approved AAMFT (American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy) supervisor. As an AAMFT supervisor in New York City, I have met the educational, experiential, and supervisory training requirements necessary to supervise marriage and family therapists for AAMFT clinical membership.

To become a clinical member of AAMFT, you must accrue the required number of direct client contact hours and meet the AAMFT's educational requirements. To obtain the approved supervisor designation, therapists must complete a variety of training courses, obtain the required number of clinical supervision hours, and complete the necessary documentation requirements.

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Obtain Clinical Hours for Your License

As an AAMFT-approved supervisor, I supervise therapists who are interested in obtaining clinical hours and licensure. I'm currently available to supervise marriage and family therapists seeking to obtain AAMFT clinical membership.

If you are interested in learning more about therapist supervision or AAMFT clinical membership, please contact me for more information. And please check with your state and provincial licensing board to verify that I am an acceptable supervisor for your licensing requirements.